Björn Borg Boxer Shorts

He was named Björn and would later affectionately be known as the Ice Man. Björn Borg entered the conservative tennis court and changed it to a colourful scene. When he first played at Wimbledon in 1973, his ice-cold countenance and flowing blond hair created as much attention as the five consecutive titles he subsequently won between 1976 and 1980.
In the name of the legend, The Björn Borg Collection was founded with Rohdi Heintz as the lead designer. They started off with sports apparel, but with their daring attitude came great ideas; after a few the company took a brave step into the underwear world.
The design team in Stockholm had completely free hands to experiment with prints and patterns, creating collections that blew people’s minds and pioneered the way underwear looked, perfectly aligned with the sagging trend of wearing your jeans significantly below the waist, revealing your true colour.